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Cats In Boots Vinyl

1987 Bronze Age

Cats In Boots Vinyl

Demonstration: East meets West' is the original vinyl press of Cat's In Boots debut. Formed in Hollywood, CA, in 1987, at the height of Hollywood’s glam rock heyday, Cats recorded their tracks at a small studio in Hollywood and soon after the records were pressed, they were on the road selling out shows all over Japan and Hollywood.

As the story goes, one of the Merry Hoax’s demos fell into the hands of Seiki Matsu guitarist Takashi O’Hashi in Tokyo, however. Convinced that Ellis was the perfect man for the job of fronting the band, the Japanese axepert flew to LA and convinced both Ellis and Meers that their future lay in the far East with Seiki Matsu. The Tokyo based group had released three albums, the last of which had sold something in the region of 400,000 copies. The addition of the two Americans to the existing duo of O’Hashi and bassist Yasuhiro Hatae was expected to increase such a figure next time out of the box. A name change to Cats in Boots and a demo album, suitably entitled « Demonstration-East Meets West » was released on the indie label Bronze Age in Japan to great success, finding the band at their rawest.

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