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Joel Ellis Discography

"The Real Heavy Bones"

Vol. 1 of the Joel Ellis Master's Series


Joel Ellis Ellis and Angel

Ellis and Angel

Father and Son Recording Session


Joel Ellis Ellis Island

Joel Ellis - Ellis Island


Ellis and O'Hashi Last Works

Cats In Boots Ellis O'Hashi - Last Works


Heavy Bones

Heavy Bones

1992 Warner Brothers Reprise Records

Cats In Boots Kicked & Klawed

Cats In Boots Kicked And Klawed

1989 EMI/EMI Records (USA)

Cats In Boots East Meets West

Cats In Boots Demonstration East Meets West

1988 Polydor Records

Cats In Boots Vinyl

Cats In Boots Vinyl

1987 Bronze Age

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Merri Hoaxx - The Hoaxx Never Jokes


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Merri Hoaxx - Never Jokes


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