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These songs were originally recorded on a TASCAM 388 Home Recording Console in Joel’s notorious Hollywood “Fuller House” apartment, later moved to live rehearsal pre-production room.


+Original home demos digitally remastered


++Recorded live in pre-production with all original band members at The Satsuma Rehearsal Room, North Hollywood California 1990-1991. 1/4" tape to digital transfer done by Dan Johnson at Audio Archiving Services, Burbank, California. Now being released digitally remixed and mastered.


This entire production is intended for release in separate volumes and boxed sets consisting of over 50 unreleased tracks including select tracks from the original Warner Reprise Records debut release.

These recordings are the only produced recordings of all original members playing live, recorded live in one take rehearsal sessions and home demo recordings as we the band created it and made it from our hearts

1990-1991 in Los Angeles California. 


Joel Ellis - vocals 

Gary Hoey - guitars

Frankie Banali - drums 

Rex Tennyson - bass guitar 


No auto-tune or digital corrections were used to change the band’s natural performances captured on tape!!  Digital transfer from analog tape to digital format engineered to enhance the production quality of these remixes. Creative effects and added tracks for concept were produced and digitally engineered by Joel and Mike to enhance your listening experience.

*Radio, podcasts, and other media can request high-resolution promotional samples. Use our contact page, select "Media" and send us a message!


Vol 1 & 2: Fully re-produced, remixed, and remastered from 8-tracks 1/4-inch tape live rehearsal sessions. 


Vol 3: Remastered home demos and rare outtakes

        Vol 4: The Warner Reprise Heavy Bones debut release masters re-issued by permission of Warner Music Group, Los Angeles California

Digital Transfers Engineering by Dan Johnson at Audio Archiving Services, Inc. Burbank, California. 2021

Mastering Engineering by Moar Applebaum at Applebaum Studios

Los Angeles, CA.  2023


All songs Produced and engineered by Joel Ellis and Mike Jaworske at DeFunk Studio 2021-2023

 Produced in Cleveland, Ohio ~ The Home of Rock & Roll, Rock Hall of Fame City

This is a Joel Ellis Music Production TM

Dedicated to you, the hard-core fans of Heavy Bones who have never given up on our music, and who have relentlessly asked for more Heavy Bones!! From my private collection of rare demos and archives, this entire 4 volume collection is for you.

From my attic, from tape to digital transfer, to the studio, remixed, remastered, resurrected rare Rock n' Roll;

I now give you, “The Real Heavy Bones”! 

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