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About Joel Ellis Music 

Abstract Paint

Rock n Roll Roots

Joel Ellis Merri Hoaxx
Joel Ellis Merri Hoaxx
Merri Hoax Live
Merri Hoax Performing

Joel Ellis grew up in the Rock & Roll capital of the world, Cleveland, Ohio. Rising up from the mean streets and seedy bar scene of the rust belt, he became major label artist thanks to Atlantic Records founder, Ahmet Ertigun's impeccable eye for talent. At the time, Joel was fronting Merri Hoaxx. However, he would also lend his vox to Warner Brother's Rough Cutt who even opened for the legendary Ronnie James Dio!

Cats In Boots

Cats In Boots was formed in Hollywood, CA, in 1987 when Guitarist Takashi "Jam" Ohashi and bassist Yasuhiro "Butch" Hatae, came from Tokyo to LA and met lead vocalist Joel Ellis and drummer Randy Meers. After seeing Joel and Randy perform live, Takashi and Yasuhiro convinced the pair to jam. The boys quickly found their groove and laid down studio tracks for Demonstration East Meets West. Immediately after the final LP was pressed, the band embarked on a 60 date high-energy rock tour in Japan. After receiving great reviews, charting singles, radio and MTV airplay, they were signed to EMI and the classic "Kicked and Klawed" album was released.

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Heavy Bones

Heavy Bones
Joel Ellis In The Studio

Formed in 1990 by lead vocalist Joel Ellis of Cats in Boots, Heavy Bones is a more versatile band musically. Joel and his good friend Franki Banali (Quiet Riot) went looking for a guitar player, and later bassist Rex Tennyson would audition to complete the lineup.


Released on Warner Bros. Reprise label in 1992, Heavy Bones is a vibe, it gets down into your bones. To the group, bones is another form of the soul, and album does much more than get into your soul, it affixes itself to your mind. The songs have a special dreaminess about them, and there's always a catchy chorus or an amazing riff right around the corner that will grab your attention. Have a listen for yourself!

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Ellis Island

After Heavy Bones, Joel evolved from a creative cleansing, enlightening, and energizing experience with Bobby Womack and The Stones to write, produce, and record his Ellis Island solo effort together with Takashi “Jam” Ohashi and a talented blues guitarist named Jimmy Zolo.


The Ellis Island sessions also included several new players - Phil Chen on bass (Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart), Larry Abberman on drums (Stevie Ray & Vaughn Bros), Spider Middowman, George Shelby, Hassim Jeffries, Barry Saunders - engineer (Moody Blues). From this 24hr -7-day experience 6 songs were created. This was picked up by Shelly Yakus and A&M Records and mixed at A&M Studios in Hollywood.

Ellis-And-Angel (12)
Joel Ellis 101
Joel Ellis Guitar
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Ellis And Angel

Ellis-And-Angel (11)
Ellis-And-Angel (10)
Ellis-And-Angel (13)
Ellis-And-Angel (5)
Ellis-And-Angel (7)
Ellis-And-Angel (8)
Ellis-And-Angel (9)
Ellis-And-Angel (4)
Ellis-And-Angel (6)
Ellis-And-Angel (1)
Ellis-And-Angel (2)
Ellis-And-Angel (3)

In 2013, Joel teamed up with his son, Joey, to release an album, Ellis and Angel. 

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Joel has returned to the city of his Rock and Roll roots, Cleveland Ohio, to embark on the next chapter of his musical and artistic journey. Joel Ellis Music, or JEM, will encompass unheard treasures from the past as well as new material and unique  collaborations. Fans can expect a multi-volume Heavy Bones release in 2023. These remixed tracks are from Joel's personal analog-tape archives and have never been heard before. Volume 1 is available for pre-order and you won't want to miss it!

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